The Book

Life, Love, Sin, Sex, Nature, Death and God.




Doggerel: Really Bad Poems is just that. Frivolous musings on the human condition. The almost 500 poems are broken down into categories of Life, Love, Sin, Sex, Nature, Death and God.

Some of the poems are very descriptive.




Excerpt from the category Life:

Doggerel 1
I wanted to be a writer
But I didn’t have the chops
So I started scribbling doggerel
You know, petty rhymes and such
I know you’ll find they aren’t much
But all the great themes I touch
Love and war, freedom and liberty
All that is forbidden or ignored
The Ten Commandments and sin
Dogs, horses and the primordial
and without sounding apocryphal
I offer you this doggerel

Excerpt from the category God:

Here Today
All my thoughts and dreams
Flow through my head like water
In a never-ending stream
Here today, gone tomorrow
So I steel myself for God’s wrath
And do not discount my sorrow
Always remember to keep my faith
Here today, eternity tomorrow

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